When I first came of official legal drinking age, rum was that nasty dark stuff that would sit on the top shelf behind bars. I assumed that old sailors or Woodbine smoking working class men drank it. It was usually in a bottle that had some nautical theme and it had no appeal to me. I avoided those horrible dusty bottles at all costs.

Then, when I was in my early 20’s, my parents moved to the West Indies and spent a few years living and travelling around various parts of the Caribbean. Eventually they ended up living in Barbados and I was lucky enough to visit them while they were there. Mum and Dad would traditionally finish the day sitting on their verandah drinking a long cold Rum and Coke. Their rum of choice was Mount Gay Eclipse and when I joined them I was hooked. Maybe it was coming from dreary England to the exotic tropics, the ritual of choosing and picking a fresh lime from the tree in their garden to squeeze into the drink or the visit to the Mount Gay distillery with my Mum that captivated me, but ever since that visit, rum has been my spirit of choice.

Mum and Dad live in England now and I have long since moved across the world to Australia but we’ve managed to keep the tradition alive with my parents usually sending me a bottle of Mt Gay Eclipse to celebrate special occasions.

My Rum tastes have expanded and now I have a collection that consists of different drops from all over the place. Molasses based spirits from the likes of Jamaica, Cuba, Barbados and St Lucia and Agricoles (Sugar Cane Juice) from the French Islands, The Indian Ocean and Central and South America and just recently I’ve been tracking down home grown independent Australian rums which I consider just as good as the giants from the West Indies.

So this Blog is just a place for me to dump my musings and tasting notes that I like to write. More for my own record keeping really. It’s not intended to be an almanac of world Rum, there’s much better places on the internet for that, but hopefully my notes or reviews might be of interest to others.