Iridium FNQ Rum Company

I wrote these notes back in December last year but have only just discovered them again. I thought I’d share.


Tonight I’m trying the Iridium from the Far North Queensland Rum Company. In my very humble opinion, these Australian rums I’ve been trying recently are as good as, and in some cases better, than the big named mass produced Caribbean rums. If only other Australians could see past Bunderburg. This is another Agricole which is triple distilled single barrel apparently. The bottle is interesting and not what I’d expect rum to come in but that adds to its interest. The rum itself is also interesting and a bit of an enigma. The nose is quite unremarkable. There’s no burn and nothing really leaps out at me except maybe a hint of vanilla and caramel.


The taste though is completely different. It’s got a nice fresh vegetal beginning which kind of lulled me into a false sense of security as after that it bites and leaves a very pleasant tingle on the tongue and lips. It’s most definitely an Agricole and very enjoyable. It has a gentle finish which would be nice if it was slightly longer. All in all another good honest Aussie rum. If you’re stuck on the usual Caribbeans or European bottles then do yourself a favour and give an Aussie a go. (Just stay clear of Bundy)


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