Husk Distillery 1866 Agricole


Wow what can I say? This is delicious. Husk Distillery 1866 Agricole from Tumbulgum (pronounced Tum-bowl-gum) 1st batch rum. I live about an hour and a half from the distillery and have been to beautiful Tumbulgum many times so I was keen to try it. The nose is fruity (maybe a hint of orange even) a nice subtle burnt oaky palette which leads into a peppery, earthy middle. A massive long lingering finish which eventually becomes very grassy but still with the wood notes.


I can’t praise it enough for such a young rum.
Another winner is the packaging. Considering this is from an independent local business, I’ve never seen such packaging and attention to detail. A very sturdy cardboard box with a magnetic closure. The bottle is locked in place until you pull a small tray out to release it. Could this be my latest Aussie favourite? Most definitely. Shame it’s so limited and only 500ml per bottle. Glad I bought two 


2 thoughts on “Husk Distillery 1866 Agricole

  1. Did you ever get a hold of their first release, the single barrel from 2015 ? That was absolutely magnificent, one of the best rums i have ever had. Smooth and rich, tasted and smelled like one of those Milky Way chocolate bars,full of caramel, vanilla and milk chocolate. I found the 1866 a disappointment, by comparison. It tasted very young, not a lot of body to it, smelled more like brandy. Oak was the only discernible note i could detect on the nose. I’m hoping the next single barrel due in a few months will be a return to form.

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